About Tracy Parciak
I got started in herding by taking my Rottweiler to an AHBA instinct test  in 1996, and promptly went home and told my husband we were moving and buying a  farm.  One year later RottiEwe Farm was established and that was the  beginning of the continued journey that I still ride.
I have had the pleasure to train and trial multiple herding breeds at all  levels and all venues.  I also coach and train handlers with a variety of  herding breeds at all levels.
ALthough the titles are too numerous to list, some of the most memorable  ones are “Shane” who was AKC’s 7th Rottweiler Herding Champion and 3rd Dual  Champion.  “Alex” My German Shepherd who is the AKC 2nd Dual Champion  German Shepherd in the breeds history and Alex also obtained an AHBA  Championship.  “Ava” my Rottweiler bitch – AKC 13th Rottweiler Herding  Champion, AHBA Champion and were almost there to complete her ASCA  Championship.  To date I have accumlated many Championships and High in  Trials, both at local trials out of state trials at many National Specialities  including the American Rottweiler Club, German Shepherd Club of America and  United States Austrailian Shepherd Association.
I truly am passionate about herding and working with the dogs and their  owners to understand true stockmanship, and coaching the dogs and owners to  further develop their true instinct in becoming an over all good working dog and  handler.  I am very proud of all my students and any and all  accomplishments.  I look forward to the continued journey with each and  every student and encouraging others to get into herding and sharing the  passion.

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