Tracy & Gus HIT

Tracy & Gus (Berger Picard) The FIRST Beger Picard to complete his Herding Championship!

jax HIT Sheep GSNat

Tracy & Jax, HIT sheep, German Shepherd Nationals









Kim and Sterling HIT sheep

Kim & Sterling (Bouvier) HIT Sheep

Rojo and tracy HIT corgi nat.

Tracy & Rojo, HIT Sheep, Corgi Nationals

Tracy & Nike nationals?

Tracy & Nike, Rottweiler Nationals

Tracy and Nike HIT

Tracy & Nike, HIT Sheep

Bob & Doc

Bob & Doc (Belgian Tervuren) HIT Ducks

Meredith and Rush March AKC Trial 2014 HIT and RHIT

Meredith & Rush (BC), HIT Sheep, RHIT Cattle

Herman and Eddie HIT Ducks May 2014 Trial

Herman & Eddie (BC), HIT Ducks, May 2014 at Whiskey Creek Farm